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Taylored Marine Locust Grove


Daniel Taylor

My name is Danny Taylor and I’m the owner of Taylored Marine LLC, a company that I’m proud to launch after several years of careful preparation. It will be obvious to all that the company name is based on my own name, but it’s important to know that all my work is also “tailored” to fit each individual install, whatever that may be. If you, as a boat owner, have an exact vision of what you want, I can make that a reality. If you need to consult on the best options to meet your particular needs, I do that too. This is not a “one size fits all” company. Taylored Marine LLC does tailored installs. 


I’ve been fishing since I was a kid in Europe, where I was born, and here in different areas of the United States (Virginia, Texas & Florida) where my Dad’s military orders took our family, as did my own with the Navy. Most of my working life has been as an over-the-road commercial truck driver, operating in the lower 48 States. This was an educational time in many ways, paid the bills and eventually allowed me to make the switch from fishing as a hobby to what I truly want to do full-time: bass fishing, offshore fishing, inshore fishing, flats fishing, working on bass boats, any boats. And did I mention fishing?

My first bass boat was an older 1995 Ranger 488VSS known as “Big Red.” It was on this boat that I developed and honed my rigging, restoration and general upgrading skills. This led to years of weekend work on the boats of friends and acquaintances. I am self-taught but after years of doing this work, coupled with a certain innate “knack” that is hard to explain, I have become a knowledgeable and meticulous craftsman. I treat every boat with the same pride as I would my own.


Taylored Marine LLC was established in August of 2022 and I have spent the past months preparing for its official launch. I have great confidence in and great expectations of myself and my company, excited at the prospect of working on new boats of all types, meeting new customers, establishing new partnerships and welcoming friends old and new.


Welcome aboard Taylored Marine everyone!

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